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Kumari Kandam(குமரிக்கண்டம் ) 30,000B.C. to 16,000 B.C is the name of a supposed sunken landmass referred to in existing ancient Tamil literature.

Kumari Kandam There are scattered references in Sangam literature, such as Kalittokai 104, to how the sea took the land of the Pandiyan kings, upon which they conquered new lands to replace those they had lost. There are also references to the rivers Pahruli and Kumari, that are said to have flowed in a now-submerged land. The Silappadhikaram, one of ... Read More »

Maamuni Mayan

There exists an order in the Universe – subtle universe, and material universe. This power is attributed to the consciousness of the cosmic space as well as of the inner space of the animate beings. This consciousness, by its personal effort to express its own inner feelings, causes a kind of vibration or pulsation in the inner space, resulting in ... Read More »

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